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Please consider Volunteering!  
There are so many ways you can take part.  If you have questions about a particular event, please contact our Coordinators & Event Chairs for more information.  
Volunteer Here!
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We appreciate you!


1.  In order to volunteer at HHS every parent must be Double OK'd:  STEP 1: Fill out and have a cleared CORI form on file at HHS (it is valid for 3 years and the expiration date is shown on your child's Emergency Contact form). STEP 2: Read and sign the Volunteer Contract.

2. Please sign in and out at the front office and be sure to wear the BLUE sticker.   The blue stickers indicate that you are a Volunteer. This indicates to the HHS staff that you have completed the 2-step volunteer process. A yellow sticker indicates that you are visitor and you must be escorted at all times by either a member of the HHS staff or a cleared, HHS PTO volunteer.  (For example: a person presenting an Enrichment program or an author on a book reading visit would wear a yellow sticker and must be escorted by a teacher or someone wearing a blue sticker.)

3. Anything you see or hear while at school should remain confidential and not shared with anyone else, except with a teacher or Mrs. Wyland.

4. In and Out: We are thrilled to have volunteers at school! However we ask that you do not linger after your assigned task is completed.  Please remember to sign in upon arriving, and sign out immediately after completing your shift in the front office. 

5.  Please be mindful that not all parents are able to volunteer during the school day. Greeting your child with a warm smile and and a wave is appropriate. Parent Volunteers should not interrupt the daily schedule to greet their child nor should any Parent Volunteers pop into a classroom to say hi to their child or teacher.

Rules to Volunteering
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