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Tickets, Flowers, Ribbons, and Ads available for purchase below.

 Want a great way to promote your business, get the word out about unique opportunities, or celebrate your favorite performer?

Well look no further! 

  • 1/4 page written Ad can be purchased for $25. 

            Unfortunately, NO pictures can be included in Ads of this size. This Ad is best suited for brief well wishes to performers.  

  • 1/2 page written Ad can be purchased for $40. 

           A picture can be included in 1/2 page Ads if the picture quality is good. Poor quality pictures will end up with the image appearing distorted. 1/2 page written Ads are best for extended well wishes and a good quality picture. 

  • Full page written Ad can be purchased for $75. 

          Full page Ads can accommodate ANY needs with pictures and text. Have at it!

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All Ads are DUE Monday, April 11


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