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Will the real MVPs please stand up?

Welcome to 
"In the Game!"
2022 HHS Variety Show
Sunday, May 1, 2022 
 @ Lynnfield Middle School
4:00 - 6:30 PM


**SIGN UP** For Show and Opening Act HERE by Friday, March 4:

Play it your way!

Are you an MVP that loves to perform? Love to Sing? Act? Dance? Magic?

 Karate? Poetry? Piano? Mime? Show off your sports skills? Be CREATIVE!  

We can't wait to see what inspires you!


Preview Day:  Monday March 7, 2022 @ HHS Music Room 4:30-7:30PM 


What is a Preview?

Every student is welcomed + encouraged to join the HHS Variety Show! The Variety Show Committee needs to approve the music and the Act in order to ensure that Acts are appropriate and not too similar. All Acts need to attend the Preview. Be prepared to share a little bit about your Act. Acts do not need to fit the Show’s theme but are strongly encouraged to! If your MVP is in the Opening Act only they do not need to attend the Preview. 

Keep your eye on the ball!

*Important Reminders*

*  The Opening Act is a unique opportunity to perform reserved for Kindergarteners and 4th Graders ONLY. *Kindergartners and 4th graders may participate in only the Opening Act if desired

* Students are allowed to participate in 2 Acts as well as the Opening Act

* If your student is participating in 2 Acts, the Acts must be differentiated by size or style.

* Acts with 5 people or less must be NO longer than 1.5 minutes

*Acts with 6 people or more must be NO longer than 2 minutes

 * Please rehearse Acts 1-2 times a week. Consistent practice makes ALL the difference!

*Sorry, HHS can NOT be reserved for practice.


Join the Production Team!

We happily welcome your support and ideas, “many hands make light work”!  We are eager to have you join the Variety Show Production Team + help to make this year's show a Box Office Smash! Questions, concerns, or interest in joining the Team please reach out to Kate DePrizio + Crystal Lavino at  We simply can not do this without you!

Volunteer for day of event:


Let the games begin!

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