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Let's Start Cruisin'!!!


The 2019 Variety Show is just around the corner. The acts are in. The performers are practicing. The ship is docked, stocked, and ready to set sail! Let's start Cruisin'!!!!


Ticket Sales - Thursday, February 28 at 7:00 PM

Ticket Sales are through a 3rd party sale site called TicketStage. Tickets are $15, which includes a small service fee. There is a 5 ticket limit per family. We ask that you please comply with this. If this is an issue for you, please work with another family or let us know! (we realize that some of us have large immediate families). There is a small surcharge on the tickets through TicketStage, but it is well worth it - instead of waiting in line for a couple hours. There is a link above to purchase tickets (SEE TICKET SALES BUTTON ABOVE), but it will not go-live until Thursday, February 28 at 7:00 p.m.!

Program Ads Due: Monday, March 4

For the Variety Show we offer a Printed Program that includes the children’s names and acts in the show. In addition to that, you can design a "well wish" for your performer(s) or an ad for your business. The program reaches about 300-400 families, HHS families, friends and relatives so it is a great way to advertise your local business! The program is printed black and white. If you send in color ads, they will be converted to black and white. A full page ad is 5”x 8”. Please see the hhspto.orgfor details. 

The deadline is tight. Please get the ads to Diana Deleo at dianadeleo12@yahoo.com as soon as possible. We are aiming for a Sunday, March 4 deadline to have all the Ads in.


DVDs and Flash Drives

We will be selling copies of the show in DVD form and in Flash Drive form. DVDs are $20and Flash Drives are $25. You can order them on hhspto.org. We will take orders up to 1 week after the show. The recorded show is nice to have because it cuts out all the wait time and just records the acts. The kids, parents, and friends love to watch this over and over again! 


Dress Rehearsal Thursday, March 7

Dress Rehearsal is on Thursday, March 7th at the LYNNFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL.If your child is in the Opening Act, please dismiss them a little early or get them from the back path so they can get to LMS as quickly as possible. We will rehearse the Opening Act (closed rehearsal) from 3:00 - 3:30.


Dress Rehearsal will go in order of the show. Stay tuned - you will get an email. Once your child has rehearsed, you are welcome to leave, or you can stay and watch with your children for as long as they want. We just ask that the kids do not run around and respect others that are practicing. Also, we split the dress rehearsal into the first half and second half. This way, the kids in the second half do not have to come until the 2nd rehearsal starts. They should plan to be at the school for 3:30 for the first half and 4:45 for the second half. 


Please note - they should come in costume for dress rehearsal. No make up is required. 

Show Day!!!!  Sunday, March 10

Opening Act should plan to be at the school for 1:30. We will run through the opening again on the stage.

Everyone else should come for 2:00check in. The show starts at 3:00.We expect that it will end between 5:00 and 5:30. 

More info to come on the details of show day!